Branding & Visual Direction

Why “ARK”? 

In the current modern flood of information and media saturation we’ve decided to depart into a voyage through the lands of inspiration, creativity and design. Reminiscent of Noah’s Ark, we curate an haven of outstanding and inspiring projects and sources for our work. We seek to closely select the visual beauty of this word and concisely integrate it into each design and brand we create with an updated, yet classic vision. One of our studio’s deep passions is architecture, a realm of steadiness and wholeness so integral in our working environment.

Our studio’s mission

Personally, being a designer means representing a certain truth and creating a unique and meaningful experience, whether in virtual or physical spaces. Our studio’s mission is to explore the boundaries of the visual language, lead new trends, innovate and successfully convey the most precise message.

Over time I have come to understand what strength and influence I have as a designer. Not everybody has the ability to imagine and to turn an idea into reality. Our perception is very visual and it fulfills us to see how a vision translates into an inspiring experience to which people respond. We feel very lucky.

CREDITS Sharon Gesthalter (Naming)
Ark Visual (Branding)
Ark Visual (Art Direction)
Ran Golani (Brand Photography)

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