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The Street Vibe was founded in April 2018 by Asaf Liberfrund to share a visual and textual presentation of everything exciting, elegant and trendy in fashion, blogging and lifestyle around the world. The Street Vibe combines fine arts and documentation of atmosphere in fashion events around the world: brands, people and the experience around them through a meticulous and precise selection of prominent issues of interest.

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Hagar Erez
What inspires you?
Milan AW 2019

My sources of inspiration are highly versatile (in order to accommodate the different needs of my various clients), but there are 3 styles I always go back to:

a) The minimalist edge, along the lines of Celine + Chloé, with minimalist design that avoids extravagant prints but highlights perfect, accurate figures.

b) Less distinct minimalism: Ganni + Malene Birger + Saks Potts, colorful but not too much (I’m not a big fan of color). What I like very much in Ganni and Saks Potts, and also in Malene Birger (all Danish brands) is that they reflect a sort of continuity from the accurate figures and colors of Chloé, but also add a little interest and/or added value. For example, a nice print next to very minimalistic items (that the Danes quite love). Lately I find that Marni + Loewe fit into this category as well.

c) Non-minimalists that their accuracy lies in the way they exaggerate in an interesting way – such as Gucci, Fendi,Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton from the latest collection (SS18).

What is the one thing that makes you unique?
Paris Couture AW 2019

I probably sacrifice more than any of the street-style photographers around me: the fashion campaigns in Israel are often shot while I’m away in fashion weeks around the world. Also, in Israel people don’t exactly know what I do, why I take pictures the way I do, they don’t understand what’s the big deal with fashion and who are the people I photograph. The world is more open to these things.

I would like to believe (and it doesn’t always live up to reality) that I am among the sole photographers that focus only on street-style, it’s the thing I love doing most in the world and it’s my passion and my dream.

What experience does the brand promise to the customer?
Street News

Quality without compromise; fashion content in real time. Being up-to-date on design and style.

Where would The Streetvibe be in ten years from today?
Street Style

A fashion news website that centers around street-style from as much worldwide fashion weeks as possible (there are around 22-25 serious fashion weeks each year), featuring unique fashion productions, interviews and articles covering trends in 2-3 languages (today the website is English only).

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Photographer: Asaf Liberfrund