Branding & Visual Direction

At Ark Studio we create new brand experience, working in specialised tailor-made teams to meet each of our clients’ unique needs. We cooperate with well known professionals from various disciplines, such as photographers, architects, multidisciplinary makers, strategists, programmers, UX designers and craftspeople.

Client: Non Commercial Project
Services: Art DirectionMotion DesignVisual Language

Dani Wolf and Hagar Erez decided to play a game during quarantine: usually, a game consists of rules and winners. This experimental game has however no winners, only the aim of creating unpredictable outcomes! Wolf and Erez, both designers, have an unexplained appetite for typography and composition, so they came up with the idea to play a game based on the text-based “Pass the Story” original game. The goal is to create visuals and to express feelings and the joyfulness of creation by using less words, resulting in a genuine visual story concept.

Project Credits:
Concept & Design Hagar Erez in Collaboration with Dani Wolf

Pass Post: Visual Relief

Client: Elmina Hotel
Services: Art DirectionBrandingLogotypeNaming & StrategySignageSymbol DesignVisual Language

A brand identity for Jaffa’s new luxury boutique hotel, Elmina Hotel. The 10-room bolthole is located in the lively Jaffa Flea Market, close to the Mediterranean Sea. Named after the Arabic word for “port”, Elmina (ميناء), is housed within an architecturally preserved Ottoman-Era building from the early 20th century. The interior was designed by Studio Michael Azoulay, a local firm which enriched the hotel with art-deco inspired items and furnishings. The hotel’s rooftop features a beautiful public sunset lounge and a bar designed by Ron Arad.

Project Credits:
Brand identity Ark Visual in collaboration with Dov Kroll
Brand Photography Ran Golani
Hotel Photography Sivan Askayo
Interior Design Studio Michael Azoulay
Rooftop Design Ron Arad Architects

Elmina Hotel

Client: The Streetvibe
Services: BrandingLogotypeSymbol DesignUI UX Design

The Streetvibe was founded in April 2018 by Asaf Liberfrund to share a visual and textual presentation of everything exciting, elegant and trendy in fashion, blogging and lifestyle around the world. The Streetvibe combines fine arts and atmosphere documentation of international fashion events, focusing on brands, people and the experience around them through a meticulous and precise selection of prominent issues of interest.

Project Credits:
Brand identity Hagar Erez
UI UX Hagar Erez
Brand Photography Asaf Liberfrund

The Streetvibe

Client: Jiro Sushi by Japanika
Services: Art DirectionBrandingLogotypePackagingSignageSymbol DesignVisual Language

Jiro Sushi is a new brand, a sushi bar built on the emblematic ‘Japanika’ booth space at the corner of Rothschild Blvd and Allenby St., Tel-Aviv. The brand language is minimalistic and bold, of high quality yet very accessible. The design was inspired by the iconic Tel-Aviv International Style buildings. The deeper we found ourselves in the design process, the more we reduced the visual language, resulting in a black and white colour system, using typography as the central means to reflect simplicity and the Tel-Avivian urban state of mind.

Project Credits:
Brand identity & Strategy Hagar Erez
Design Team Hagar Erez, Gal Brin
Photography Ran Golani

Branding for Jiro Sushi by Japanika

Client: Non-commercial
Services: Art DirectionIllustrationNaming & Strategy

The naming is based on the bouba/kiki effect which is a non-arbitrary mapping between speech sounds and the visual shape of objects. During a social experiment participants have identified the curvy as “bouba” and the jagged one as “kiki”, suggesting that the human brain somehow attaches abstract meanings to shapes and sounds in a consistent way. The branding we created for Kiki & Bouba is aimed to express Tel-Aviv in 2020, through curvy and jagged shapes, using architectural iconic buildings, such as Bauhaus, Dizengoff Square’s landmark Fire and Water Fountain by Yaacov Agam, and more. The idea behind it was to reflect the vibrant state of mind of the white city, using a very vivid language and base colours full of happiness.

Project Credits:
Design Team Hagar Erez, Gastón Lisak
Illustration Niv Tishbi

Kiki Bouba Sketches

Client: Sztain Lewen
Services: BrandingLogotypePackagingSymbol DesignUI UX DesignVisual Language

Sztain Lewen is a luxury fashion brand focused on the materials, the creation process and its history. Each piece is a piece of art and comes with a certificate of authenticity. We chose “The Present is Female” as the main message for the brand.

Project Credits:
Branding & Strategy Hagar Erez, Gastón Lisak
Calligraphy Gastón Lisak
Logotype Oriol Miró Genovart
Design Team Hagar Erez, Gal Brin
Brand Photography Ran Golani
Campaign Photography Guy Kushi & Yariv Fein

Sztain Lewen

Client: Otello Gelato
Services: Art DirectionBrandingIllustrationLogotypePackagingSignageSymbol DesignVisual Language

Otello Gelato, 80% Ice Cream, 20% Chocolate is a fine ice cream brand with an Italian concept, which combines high quality chocolate products with a delicious artisanal ice cream. The design offers a new customer experience which hasn’t yet been seen in Tel-Aviv. Each store has a different interior design, based on the brand language. We created a handmade calligraphy logotype reflecting the traditional ice cream making methods and illustrated a symbol inspired by Otello Cattabriga, the inventor of the first automatic ice cream machine. The Otello branding reflects a timeless yet modern and warm voice. We’re happy to see the brand growing and expanding every day!

Project Credits:
Branding & Design Hagar Erez
Interior Design Studio Opa
Brand Photography Ran Golani
Interior Photography Shai Epstein
Styling Einav Riechner

Otello Gelato


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